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Though divorce is often an emotional decision, financial considerations become equally important during the divorce process. Both sides need the settlement to establish their financial independence and security. A favorable divorce settlement can grant you valuable assets from your marriage … Continue reading

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When a couple decides to divorce, it is not only assets that must be divided during the proceedings, but also any marital debt that has accrued. Like with assets, a family court will generally divide debts along equitable lines, meaning … Continue reading

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If you andy your partner are soon to be married, you may want to consider the option of taking a  proactive approach by getting a premarital agreement. In the state of Illinois, a prenup is an agreement made by a … Continue reading

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Despite the changes in society’s norms, as well as the federal legalization of same-sex marriages, the Illinois Supreme Court is still standing by a 1979 ruling regarding the rights of unmarried domestic partners when it comes to any property their … Continue reading

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In an Illinois divorce, one of the major decisions that the judge needs to determine is just how the property that the couple has acquired during the marriage should be divided. When most people hear the words “property division,” the items … Continue reading

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