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Illinois made its child support system more equitable when it started using an income shares model to determine payments. With the model, each parent pays a share of the total child-related expenses that is proportionate to their comparative incomes. Still, … Continue reading

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Obtaining an order of protection is one of the most helpful actions that Illinois victims of domestic violence can take. An order of protection legally prohibits your abuser from having contact with you and other victims. Forms of domestic violence … Continue reading

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When a child is born out of wedlock, establishing legal paternity is consequential for the father, mother and child. The legal father may need to provide child support payments to the mother but also has the right to request some … Continue reading

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Illinois is schedule to enact a new child support law on July 1 that will switch the state to a income shares model for calculating support payments. The state currently uses a percentage of obligor net income model, but income … Continue reading

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If you andy your partner are soon to be married, you may want to consider the option of taking a  proactive approach by getting a premarital agreement. In the state of Illinois, a prenup is an agreement made by a … Continue reading

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