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divorce tips, life after divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer, Illinois divorce attorney, Illinois family lawyerDivorce is not an easy process. Even if you have only been married a short time, dissolving a union can be as difficult financially and socially as it is emotionally. Having a knowledgeable divorce attorney in your corner can help to ease the difficult process'and it is imperative that you begin working with the attorney as soon as you begin to consider getting divorced or as soon as you hear your spouse is. There are also several other things you can do, according to The Huffington Post, to make the divorce easier.

The first, according to The Huffington Post, is to realize that your marriage is a 'sunk cost. In economic terms, a sunk cost is a failed investment that cannot, under any circumstances, be salvaged. Human nature is apt to want to fix or solve things, rather than let them go, which is why, The Huffington Post notes, we may spend thousands of dollars attempting to fix a lemon of a car rather than giving up and trading it in. Recognizing that your marriage is over can help you save you time and money, and help you to emotionally move on.

Another thing you can do to lay the groundwork for an easier time of divorce is to ensure that you have connected with your social groups. This is especially important for men, who often have less connection with their non-coupled friends after marriage than women. As a consequence, according to a recent Utah State University study, men often have less of a support system in place during divorce than women do.


sexless marriage, grounds for divorce, Illinois divorce lawyer, Illinois divorce attorneyAccording to The New York Times, men and women who are married have sex an average of 58 times a year, just over more than once a week. These statistics, of course, are varied''married people under 30 have sex about 111 times a year.

And it's estimated that about 15 percent of married couples have not had sex with their spouse in the last six months to one year,' reports the Times. Despite these numbers, a common phenomenon in marriage is the waning of sexual interest in one's partner. This can often lead to a sexless marriage'which in turn can lead to divorce.

A sexless marriage is not one in which the couple is merely not being consistently intimate, but rather one in which repeated sexual advances are ignored and the couple experiences a long period without any intimate activity at all.


abusive relationship, violence, domestic violence, domestic abuse, Kane County family lawyer, family law, order of protection, IllinoisSometimes people in abusive relationships think that the relationship will get better or they don't think they can leave. Whatever the reason may be, there are many people suffering from domestic abuse and they need to know how to keep themselves safe in the relationship and even if they choose to leave.

DomesticViolence.org offers tips to domestic abuse victims to stay safe.

If you are in a relationship with abuse, but you do not want to or you feel you cannot leave:


Paternity, Illinois, lawyer, attorney, family law, divorceHaving and raising a child is no easy task, especially if you are a single parent, and it can be even more challenging when you are unsure of who the child's father is. A simple solution to this problem is paternity tests, of which there are many different options to choose from.

Depending on the chosen test, the test can be administered at certain points during the pregnancy or after the child has been born. Paternity tests are used not only to reassure the mother of who the father of her child is, but also to reassure the father that he is the biological father of the child. The people involved, though, may also need reassurance about the test itself, as well as what it proves. Common questions about paternity testing 'have been answered by the American Pregnancy Association below: How much will establishing paternity cost, including the test and any additional expenses?

This depends very much on what type of test is taken. Tests that are administered before the birth of the child are often more expensive because of the additional hospital and doctor fees. The price can range anywhere from $400 to $2,000.

Where can I get more information and locations at which paternity testing is available?

There are DNA and paternity tests available at locations all over the country, but you should shop around before making a decision. Consider your comfort level with the location and doctor, along with price and fees for the testing. Also be sure to choose a location that is accredited by the AABB.


divorce party, celebration, single life, life after divorce, divorce recovery, Kane County divorce lawyerThe stigma surrounding divorce has waned as divorce as become more common. By some estimates, 50 percent of all American marriages end in divorce. The collapse of a marriage is even more likely, according to The Nation, in ultra-conservative states and states with higher conservative Christian populations. Two researchers from the University of Iowa told The Nation that this was in part because conservative religious beliefs and the social norms surrounding them 'decrease marital stability through the promotion of practices that increase divorce risk. An example of this could be the secondary status of women.

Bearing in mind that religion'which at one time may have encouraged couples to stay together even in a less-than-perfect relationship'may now increase the chance of divorce, it may come as no surprise that the stigma surrounding divorce is no longer a major factor. In fact, divorce parties, according to a recent Fox News article, 'are all the rage. In Las Vegas, divorce parties have hit new heights of popularity. Glynda Rhodes is a high-end divorce party-planner in Vegas. She told Fox that, 'if they want to burn their dress, or if they want to go to the spa'everybody has a different way they want to release.'

These divorce parties may come with all the same bells and whistles that a wedding did, including the cake. According to the Huffington Post, divorce cakes have been gaining traction in popularity as well. These cakes may be experiencing a surge in popularity right now because, according to a different Huffington Post article, February is what is known as 'divorce month. There tend to be more divorces in February than any other time.

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