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paternity testing, DNA testing, Kane County Family LawyerEstablishing paternity of a child is important for several reasons, both emotional and financial. The most obvious financial reason to prove a child’s paternity is to qualify for court-ordered child support payments. In most cases, without proof of paternity a court will not be obliged to require child support payments. According to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, once paternity is established, a child has legal recourse and rights. Among these are insurance benefits, veteran benefits, and social security benefits, when applicable. Without proof of paternity, a child may not be able to qualify for half of the state-sponsored money to which he is entitled.

There are also health reasons that a family would want to prove paternity of a child, according to state officials. Among these is the family’s ability to access health records that can reveal genetic dispositions to certain diseases or conditions. Without a paternity test, doctors may miss crucial information to treat and take care of patients.

In Illinois, paternity may be established in a number of ways. The first, of course, is a voluntary acknowledgment form signed by both of the child's parents at the hospital when the child is born—or at any other point during the child’s life. The Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services administers this acknowledgement. Another method of establishing paternity by genetic testing, as referred to above.


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Getting a Divorce is never an easy process. Contested divorces, in particular, can be stressful and emotionally demanding. Disputes often arise when spouses cannot agree on property division, child custody, or child support. Another common hurdle for new divorcees is adapting to an unfamiliar lifestyle. Spouses must manage new bank accounts, cope with living on a single income, and deal with the often painful reality of losing a marriage. This article will discuss a few coping strategies for new divorcees.

Adjusting to a New Financial Life


children of divorce, shared custody, Illinois family law attorneyWhen parents decide to divorce, how they handle it and the family changes, including custody and visitation arrangements,'that follow can strongly impact how well a child adjusts to those changes. Will the child still feel secure despite those changes or will they feel as if their whole world is falling apart?

One of the areas which can be the hardest for children of divorce is that they now have two places to call home. Two houses, two beds, two set of rules, two toy boxes, etc. Often, along with these 'two' of everything, comes a change in routine. Their time may be equally divided between Mom and Dad's homes now, or they may have certain nights and every other weekend with one parent, depending on what type of child custody agreement parents work out.

In order to best help a child with this transition, parenting experts suggest taking an active approach to the new situation. While the specifics of every case are unique, there are certain steps the parent who is establishing a new home can take to make his or her child more comfortable in two homes.


coparenting in Illinois, Kane County family law lawyersIf you have children, the relationship between you and your spouse does not end with divorce. Regardless of custody or visitation arrangements, children deserve the love, support, and presence of both parents in their lives. A divorce does not alter the reality that the responsibility of meeting your child's needs belong to both you and your ex. Difficult though it may be, you and your child's other parent will need to maintain, at minimum, a cooperative coexistence in order to provide appropriate parental relationships that will benefit your child throughout his or her life.

Advice for divorced parents is everywhere, usually focused on things you must absolutely NEVER do. Unfortunately, lists of maxims are typically oversimplified, and often, many of these 'self-help' articles lack constructive alternatives to the actions they decry. The challenge, obviously, is that no two post-divorce family situations are identical. Each case carries a unique set of circumstances and factors which must be considered when discussing coparenting details.

Whatever your situation, the most important characteristic of post-divorce parenting can be simplified to a single word: communication. Edward Kruk, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of British Columbia and contributing writer to Psychology Today, offers some guidelines that can help divorced parents make the best of their new family dynamic. While they address a wide range of family issues, it is hardly surprising that many of his principles require the ability and determination to communicate.


divorce warning signs in the bedroom, Kane County family lawyerMore than 4 million Americans enter into marriage every year, of which, virtually all do so with the hope and expectation of building a life with a partner they love and trust. It is an unfortunate reality that half of those marriages or more fail to live up to that expectation, ending in separation and divorce. Many divorcing couples, however, are surprised to realize in hindsight that their romantic relationship may have revealed clues that their marriage was actually in trouble.

While not necessarily true in other cultures throughout the world, Western culture places a large degree of importance on sexual attraction between partners in a marriage. Author, psychologist and television personality, Dr. Phil McGraw maintains 'the belief that sex is not important is a dangerous and intimacy-eroding myth. [Sex] allows us to experience a quality level of closeness, vulnerability and sharing with our partners. 'A healthy sexual relationship with your spouse bodes very well for the overall health of the marriage.

Signs of trouble in your marriage, however, may show up in your sex life first. It may initially seem easy to dismiss them as physical or emotional anomalies, but sometimes, they may be symptoms of much deeper relational issues. For example, if you find yourself making excuses to avoid sexual contact with your spouse, or you feel your spouse is only being sexual out of guilt, it is very likely that there are underlying reasons that might be completely unrelated to sex itself.

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