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Paternity cases usually involve children born out of wedlock. In some instances, the mother of a child might file a paternity action against a man she claims is the biological father of her child in order to receive child support. On the other hand, a man claiming that he is the biological father may want to establish legal rights to his child in order to obtain child custody and visitation rights. No matter what the reasons are for wanting to establish paternity or whether it is the mother or father initiating or responding to same, it is important that you speak with an experienced family law attorney who can help represent you in paternity/parentage cases.

The Law Office of Van A. Larson, P.C. is devoted to providing clients with supportive legal guidance and advice in matters relating to paternity. If you believe you are the father of a child, DNA testing can verify same and help establish the legitimacy of your parental rights. Once paternity is established, the child-related issues of support, custody, visitation and the like come into play. Being a parent imposes legal rights, duties, obligations and privileges—all of which must be dealt with as part and parcel of each case.

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If you need help with establishing "parentage" or the paternity of your child, (or defending against such a claim) our law firm will make sure you are informed of your rights and the legal process and procedures involved. Contact the Law Offices of Van A. Larson, P.C. in conveniently located downtown Batavia, Illinois, to schedule a free initial consultation. Call 630-879-9090 today.